Utah Federation Facts

Utah Federation of Republican Women was established in 1941, and oversees all affiliated Republican Women’s Clubs located throughout the state.  A membership with an affiliated club also includes state (UFRW) and national (NFRW) membership as well.

Membership Information:

To serve on the UFRW executive committee, one must be a current dues paying member of an affiliated club.

As a member of an federated club, one automatically has membership in the UFRW and the NFRW.

One can be a member of more than one federated club but must declare one’s official club.  All other memberships are “associate” memberships.  One cannot serve in an elected capacity as an associate member but may serve on a committee.  An associate member has a voice in meetings but not a vote.

If there is not an affiliated club near you, you may also become an “at-large” member of the UFRW.

UFRW Executive Board:  2016 -2017

President:  Kathleen Anderson
Home Club:  Davis County Republican Women

1st Vice President:  Michelle Scharf
Home Club:  Professional Republican Women

2nd Vice President:  Lisa Bingham
Home Club:  Davis County Republican Women

3rd Vice President:  LaStar Richins
Home Club:  Washington County Republican Women

Treasurer: Kelli Dickerson
Home Club:  Women’s Republican Club of SLC

Secretary:  Jacquie Nielsen
Home Club:  Women’s Republican Club of SLC